Rahul Bharati —

developer from

Mumbai, India

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Specialist in Web

I'm graduate from R.D. National College with Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I enjoy created web application that allows to solve real world problems. I like to spend my past time reading or learning a new tech. I do also love watching animes and I'm learning to play a guitar for past few months.

My Skills

Front-end Web

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript, React

Back-end Web

Nodejs, Next.js


MySql, MongoDB and Postgresql

Version Control

Git, Bitbucket, Gitlab


Docker, Kubernetes and Minikube(on linux)

Cloud Platforms

AWS, GCP, Heroku


Web Developer - Paper Boat Apps (October 2019 - Present)

Paper Boat Apps is an tech-ed based game(kiddopia) development company. Here, I'm responsible for development and maintaining kiddopia website and also creation of internal analytics dashboard for marketing purposes. I've being using cloud functions for serverless computing and node/express stack for websites.

Web Developer - Appic Mobile (July 2019 - October 2019)

Appic mobile is brand for Ibinder Digital private Limited which is a service company that provides services like designing and development for web/mobile applications using laravel framework for Fintech startups. Here, I was responsible for development for apis and websites for same. I have worked on mintoak, papervideo and finwego.

Just say hi.

[email protected]

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