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About Me

I'm Rahul Bharati, a Mumbai-based Full-Stack Developer with a Computer Science degree from R.D. National College.

My expertise lies in JavaScript, developing web and mobile applications across tech sectors.

Having founded Webxstudio Digital, I now bring innovative solutions to various tech companies.

My world extends into exploring emerging tech trends, anime, and expressing creativity through music on my guitar.

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My Expertise

Frontend Dev

Passionate about UI/UX. Over 4 years of development experience in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JS, React and Next.JS frameworks.

Backend Dev

Experienced in both functional and OOP especially in Node.JS, Express.js and Next.JS


Skilled in developing functional databases with languages like MySQL, MongoDB and PostgreSQL


I excel in containerization technologies, with hands-on experience in Docker, Kubernetes, and Minikube (on Linux)

Cloud Platforms

My cloud expertise extends across AWS, GCP, and Heroku, showcasing a versatile skill set in cloud computing.

Version Control

Proficiency in version control systems such as Git, Bitbucket, and GitLab

My Experience

March 2023 - May 2023

Sr. Web Developer - Cloudely India Pvt ltd

  • Developed RESTful APIs for front-end and back-end communication.
  • Create front-end components for no-code platform
  • Collaborate with developer to build high-quality web apps
February 2022 - August 2022

Full-Stack Developer - Rapidera Technologies Pvt Ltd

  • Collaborated with developers for efficient, scalable code maintenance.
  • Participated in code reviews and scrum meetings to meet project timelines.
  • Developed RESTful APIs for front-end and back-end communication.
  • Employed agile methodologies for effective project management and communication.
  • Delivered high-quality web applications for HDFC Life as a third-party developer.
January 2020 - February 2022

Full-Stack Developer - Paper Boat Apps Pvt Ltd

  • Collaborated with designers and developers to launch innovative web applications.
  • Wrote clean, maintainable code and updated documentation for smooth operations.
  • Developed and launched the Kiddopia website, a game-as-a-service platform.
  • Implemented serverless applications using Google Cloud Functions for cost-effectiveness.
  • Created a metrics dashboard for insight into app performance and ad campaign optimization.
  • Automated storage of app and ad metrics for data analysis and decision-making.
July 2019 - October 2019

Full-Stack Developer - Appic Mobile

  • Developed responsive website components for optimal cross-device user experience.
  • Participated in code reviews and collaborated to maintain software quality.
  • Implemented backends for fintech websites like Mintoak, ensuring robust security.
  • Created scalable fintech websites for teacher lending and financing.
  • Developed an interactive maths education platform for students.
April 2018 - present

Founder & Developer - Webxstudio (Pandaslore Apps Pvt Ltd)

  • Founded a software development company in college, specializing in educational applications for institutes.
  • Led the modernization of a 1970s game show into an interactive app for an international client.
  • Designed real-money gambling games for an Indian client, demonstrating innovation and understanding of market trends.
  • Proven leadership and project management skills, adept at working with international clients, delivering projects on time and within budget.


Beat & Buddy (Next.js, Solidity, Polygon)

Beat & Buddy (Next.js, Solidity, Polygon)

  • Developed and launched Beatnbuddy, an NFT platform for artists to mint and showcase their music
  • Utilized Next.js and Solidity to build the platform and integrated it with the Polygon network to allow for smooth music streaming directly from IPFS storage
  • Built and submitted the project to the Roadtoweb3 Hackathon, showcasing my expertise in modern web3 technologies
Instagram Bot (Python, Instagram API's)

Instagram Bot (Python, Instagram API's)

  • Simple script to generate random quotes and upload image on instagram
  • Built it as a side fun project
Golden Mirror Foundation (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap)

Golden Mirror Foundation (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap)

  • Designed and developed a website for the Golden Mirror Foundation, a non-profit organization
  • Created a user-friendly interface to display information about the organization and provide a seamless donation process for social causes
  • Implemented a modern design that accurately reflects the mission of the organization, resulting in an increase in engagement and support from stakeholders.
Webxstudio (Next.js, Bootstrap, JavaScript, CSS, Sanity)

Webxstudio (Next.js, Bootstrap, JavaScript, CSS, Sanity)

  • Built a marketing website for a freelancing business
  • Utilized Next.js and CSS to create a modern, user-friendly interface that effectively promotes the services offered by the business
  • Used Sanity studio for content storage
  • Improved the online presence of the business and helped to increase customer reach.

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